Kuhnert´s Meisterstück Sea Dog

Sea Dog

SeebärHe continues in all kinds of weather. With his anchor of hope, he is well equipped, even in stormy times. Whether open sea or Saxon steamship navigation, this sea dog knows what its all about and spreads calmness and concinnity. The stable and durable oak wood brings out his capability of staying afloat.Eichenquader

Oak lat. Quercus spp.



Oak wood is very hard, durable and weather-resistant, even when under water or in the earth. It is often used for both house and furniture construction. The tree’s annual rings are clearly visible and lead to an equal grain.Eichenbaumgrafik

The oak tree belongs to the group of largest trees found in Europe. The tree can achieve an age of more than 800 years with its crown reaching a diameter of up to 150 feet. It needs a lot of light and cannot prosper in the shadow of other trees. The leaves are spirally arranged and the oak´s fruits are nuts called acorns.