Kuhnerts “Meisterstück” Soccer Player

Soccer Player

He radiates enthusiasm and takes much pleasure in his sport. The Ball is round and his view of the world is round, too.

He celebrates the successes of his team and mourns with the fans in case of battering. Because it´s very suitable for sports equipment, the timber of the ash meshes exactly with this sports fan.

EscheEsche lat. Fraxinus spp.



Ash wood has a very high stability and flexibility. Due to these characterizations, it is used to make tools and various sports equipment like handles, baseball and softball bats and bows. It also makes very good firewood.

Ash trees are medium to large trees which can grow up to 130 feet and achieve an age of 300 years. Growing in most parts of the world, the family contains up to 65 different species. Some are evergreen, but most are deciduous. The seeds are known as keys in English and the leaves are light-green and oval shaped.