Kuhnert´s Meisterstück Saxon



He loves his homeland and is proud of it. His humor is exemplary and his fantasy amounted him to much.

For him tradition and cosmopolitanism belong together.

The beautifully grained and hard timber of the robinia points to the Saxon´s forceful and eclectic personality.

Robinia lat. Robinia pseudoacacia



The Robinias timber is very stable and even harder than an oak trees. It is also elastic and stringy. Stripes, brought up by the annual growth rings, determine the woods appearance. Uses include ship and furniture construction as well as violin bow manufacturing. Robinia is a good alternative to the use of tropical woods.Robinienbaumgrafik

The Robinia is a deciduous tree. Due to its remarkable blossoms, the Robinia is also called false acacia. It has its origin in North America but has now been common in the whole of Europe for 300 years. It can grow up to 100 feet with a diameter of 2 to 4 feet and has dark blue-green leaves that give the tree a very beautiful appearance.